Bumpdate: 25 Weeks + Baby Shower Recap

Friday, April 5, 2019

Taken at technically 24 weeks, but I promise I still look the same ;)

Gender: Expecting a sweet little lady named Emma

Weight Gain: After my Dr.'s appointment this past Wednesday, weighing right on track at 17 lbs.

Baby Growth: the size of cauliflower!

Cravings: I've been craving Sonic's mozzarella sticks pretty bad lately. It started one night randomly at 9:30. My sweet husband went out to get me some, even though it was late and he had to work the next day. He's a keeper.

How I'm Feeling: My energy is pretty much non-existent this week. Maybe because we are getting closer to the third trimester mark? I've also been having some really bad stretching and heartburn still. 👎🏻

Movement: Baby girl is thriving in there and I am often convinced that she is either kickboxing or breakdancing. Almost all of her movement is now visible from the outside, which is nuts! Still can't distinguish whether the movement is a hand or foot yet though.

Favorite Moment this Week: Our glider was delivered today, so that was exciting. Really itching to get the nursery finished, so I guess nesting is also kicking in!

Sleep: Some nights good, some nights not so good. Can't complain too much though.

Clothes: Living in maternity leggings and night dresses. I've already started growing out of the pair of maternity jeans that I bought earlier this pregnancy, so will probably have to buy another pair soon.

Most Looking Forward To: Finding out the results of my glucose testing next week. The suspense is killing me and I'm at the point where I just want to know. Hopefully it is good news.

Thankful for: God blessing me with this sweet baby girl. A friend of mine lost her baby boy this week and my heart is just breaking for them, so it has been a constant reminder that I am fortunate. When I am reminded of their devastating loss, I gladly will take all of the negative side effects of pregnancy with no complaints.

A couple pictures from our baby shower last week:

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