Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Hello there! My name is Chelsie and I am excited to start this new blogging journey here at Dalton and Chelsie. In case you couldn't guess 😉, the blog name is after me and my husband. Very original, haha!

In the past, I have had a few blogs (and if you are coming over here from Instagram, you know this already!). They never really worked out except for my first one, which was on good ole' blogger. Remember the days when blogging was just a way to keep up with everyday lives and a glimpse into other people's homes and personalities? Well, I miss this so much! And since I am pretty terrible about keeping a monetary blog going, I figured it was time to go back to my blogger roots and do it just for fun!

The main reason I decided to do this though is because in July, we are expecting our first child. I really want to have an online journal of some sorts to be able to look back on, so here it is. 

If you have read all of that, then thanks for doing so and I hope you will stick around! 

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